Best of our wild blogs: 11 Mar 08

On Pulau Hantu for Once Upon a Tree
filming for the series on the hantu blog, and online synopsis of tonight's episode on the wildfilms blog.

Controls over illegal landings on Pulau Sekudu
on the wildfilms blog

Dredging at Changi and other coastal works
MPA notices on the wildfilms blog

A talk on the history of Kusu Island
focusing on the temple and visitorship to the island on the leafmonkey blog

Managing The Tortoise Island:
Tua Pek Kong Temple, Pilgrimage, and Social Change in Pulau Kusu, 1965-2007

Black-naped oriole snacking on cicada
on the bird ecology blog

Turbo thoughts
on the budak blog and octopussing a clever way to outwit the octopus

So Simple 2
a TV programme about the simple life on the AsiaIsGreen blog

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