Malaysia: El Nino = more snakes caught inside homes

Current spell biting even harder for residents
The Star 24 Apr 16;

PETALING JAYA: Snakes driven out from their natural habitat by the current hot spell are proving to be a handful for residents and home owners.

For the past week, Taman SEA SS23 Rukun Tetangga vice-president Anson Tan said security guards and supervisors had alerted him of snakes found within the residential area.

“A snake was found under the car of one of the residents parked at a playground at around 11.30pm on Tuesday,” he said.

“Another resident found a two-foot long snake in his kitchen. But he killed it himself before reporting it to me,” said Tan, adding that he had sent out messages to all residents to be careful as workers from a petrol station in the residential area had also reported finding snakes in their premises.

The El Nino had seen an alarming number of snakes caught inside homes, buildings and close to human habitat over the past two months in the country.

The Civil Defence Department recorded 3,780 such cases in March and 3,708 in February nationwide.

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