Malaysia: 60 wild elephants detected along Gerik-Jeli highway

BERNAMA New Straits Times 23 Jul 16;

GERIK: Users of the East-West Highway from Gerik-Jeli may at times be faced with a panic situation when they come across wild elephants roaming, and a large number of them crossing the highway.

According to the Perak Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) director Noor Alif Wira Osman, the wild elephants were from the Royal Belum State Park and Temenggor Forest Reserve here.

Noor Alif said there are more than 60 elephants in the area, which is equivalent to about 70 per cent of the big eared animal’s population in Perak.

“Five small groups of elephants were detected roaming along an 80-kilometre stretch of the road.

Normally, wild elephants will roam in the early morning, and late at night, depending on the weather,” he told Bernama here recently.

According to Noor Alif, although a 200m wildlife crossing (viaduct) had been constructed at KM157 of the route, wild animals including elephants still roamed in the area or sneaked onto the highway.

He also reminded the public, especially motorists to not panic when coming across wild animals on the road and honk at them, but instead give them way to cross the road. --BERNAMA

Drivers warned not to honk at elephants crossing roads
The Star 24 Jul 16;

GERIK: Users of the East-West Highway between Gerik and Jeli have been warned against approaching or honking at wild elephants crossing the road.

Perak Perhilitan director Noor Alif Wira Osman said these wild animals were from the Royal Belum state park and the Temenggor forest reserve.

“There were five small herds detected moving near a 80km stretch of the highway. They will normally wander in the early morning and late evening,” he said yesterday.

Noor Alif said although a 200m viaduct had been built at KM157 of the East West Road from Gerik to Jeli, elephants continued to wander along the highway.

Noor Alif reminded the public not to panic if they should come across the elephants.

“They should also not come out of their cars and approach the animals or throw any objects at them,” he said.

The Royal Belum state park is the third largest after Taman Negara in Pahang and the Crocker Range Park in Sabah, and is known for its endangered wildlife species, such as Sumatran rhinos, elephants, tapirs and primates. — Bernama

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