Malaysia: Taps at Kota Baru fire station dry for past month

The Star 5 Oct 16;

KOTA BARU: Syarikat Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd (AKSB) has been urged to resolve the water supply problem at the Kota Baru fire station and its firemen's quarters here.

Kota Baru Fire and Rescue Department chief Senior Fire Superintendent Zaini Bidin said the problem that had been dragging on since last month and had caused them getting water for daily use and to extinguish fires.

"The low water pressure and frequent water supply cuts have also caused problems to 20 families staying in the quarters," she told reporters here.

Zaini said firemen resort to sourcing water from open sources such as ditches and rivers.

She said firemen were having problems aiding people and had to seek assistance from other parties to get water supply.

"The limited supply of clean water has to be rationed," she said adding that they had to buy water for drinking and cooking purposes.

Zaini said they had lodged a complaint over the matter with AKSB.

In a statement, AKSB said investigations were underway to identify the actual cause of the problem, saying it suspected a burst main pipe and a change in the distribution of water supply in that area.

It added that for the time being, AKSB would supply would be via water tankers until the problem was resolved. – Bernama

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