Indonesia: LIPI warns of dangers of long-term use of chemical fertilizers

Antara 18 Jul 17;

Bogor, W Java (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) has warned of the dangers of using synthetic inorganic chemical fertilizers for a long time, which can destroy farm land.

"What worries us today is that Indonesian farmers only rely on synthetic inorganic chemical fertilizers, which are very dangerous in the long run," LIPI biological researcher Sarjiya Antonius said, on the sidelines of ASEAN international conference on "Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR) held here, on Monday.

If the use of chemical fertilizers goes unattended, it will destroy farm land in the next 25 years, he said.

The use of synthetic inorganic chemical fertilizers by Indonesian farmers was one of the case studies discussed at a conference which brought together researchers, experts, and industrialists from 16 countries.

Antonious stated that LIPI has a program to educate farmers on how to apply PGPR technology from its biological laboratory to farmers in the field and from industries to regional governments.

"For instance, LIPI is developing biological organic fertilizer (POH) without exclusive license, so that the public and industry, as users, can benefit from it," he noted.

One of the companies which has benefited from PGPR technology is pineapple plantation company Great Giant Pineapple. Before applying the PGPR, the company saw its pineapple production falling every year.

The companys production, which initially reached 100 tons, has shrunk to the lowest level, he revealed.

"After applying the PGPR technology, the company has seen its production continue to increase to 80 tons. Hopefully, the production will return to 100 tons in two to three years time," he concluded. (*)

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