Conservation job openings at NParks Singapore

Openings for Senior Outreach Officer (Conservation), Outreach Officer (Conservation) and Conservation Officer now available at NParks.

Siti Maryam, senior biodiversity officer at the Biodiversity Centre, shares her journey in conservation, on the teamseagrass blog.

Reference: CON/PK/290308/08
Posted Date: 29 Mar 08

We are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated individual who enjoys working in the outdoors and with people. You will be responsible for developing and strategizing the implementation of outreach and publicity programs to schools, communities and organizations to raise the awareness of our natural heritage. You will be key in the planning, conducting and overseeing the production of education materials and workshops.


Reference: CON/PK/290308/10
Posted Date: 29 Mar 08

You will be responsible for developing and implementing outreach programs including conducting guided walks, talks, re-forestation programs and writing for newsletters, interpretive signs, brochures and electronic medium, with the aim of raising the awareness of our natural heritage among the schools, communities and organizations. You will also be administrating our volunteer program and for recruiting and training volunteers, organizing activities to sustain their interests and to co-ordinate their efforts with the work of the conservation officers.


Reference: CON/PK/290308/09
Posted Date: 29 Mar 08

You will play a key role in nature conservation and maintenance for the areas under your care. You will be responsible to plan, implement and monitor nature conservation programs in the field. On a daily basis, you will also be responsible for the good upkeep, maintenance and inspection of the area for the safety and enjoyment of visitors. As part of your nature conservation work, you will conduct nature outreach programs for visitors, such as lead guided tours, organize community involvement programs and give talks on nature conservation. You will be part of a team based on site, and will be expected to be a good team-player as well as independent worker.

More details on the NParks job opportunities page.

Thanks to an alert from Adelle Wang.

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