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No Shark Fin in CNY Menu? No Problem! Restaurants Share Positive Reactions
WWF Singapore

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Indonesia: 31 giant turtles lay eggs in Raja Ampat throughout 2018

Antara 4 Feb 19;

Waisai, W Papua (ANTARA News) - A total of 31 leatherback sea turtles, also known as the world`s explorer giant turtles, landed and laid eggs in Yenbekaki Village, Raja Ampat district in West Papua, throughout 2018.

The turtle conservation activist group in Yenbekaki village stated here on Monday that in May 2018, eight leatherback sea turtles landed and laid eggs in the coastal area of Warebar in Yenbekaki.

"Then, there were five leatherback sea turtles that landed and laid their eggs here in June. There were eight turtles in July, three turtles in August, three turtles in September, and four turtles in October, resulting in a total of 31 giant turtles that landed and laid eggs in Yenbekaki village," Yusuf Mayor, Head of turtle conservation activist group, stated in Yenbekaki village.

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