Best of our wild blogs: 7 Jul 19

Terumbu Hantu still very reefy
wild shores of singapore

13 Jul (Sat) - Free Guided Walk at Chek Jawa
Adventures with the Naked Hermit Crabs

Night Walk At Windsor Park (05 Jul 2019)
Beetles@SG BLOG

Balik Chek Jawa 2019
Adventures with the Naked Hermit Crabs

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Malaysia: Elephants trash Kluang family's house and car

The Star 6 Jul 19;

KLUANG (Bernama): A villager from Kampung Sri Timur was awoken early Saturday (July 6) by loud sounds and saw two elephants in front of his house.

"I felt shock and terror when I saw the two elephants right in front of the house. I watched helplessly as they trashed the garage," said Afian Kamin, 36.

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Malaysia: Cops to assist rangers in jungle rounds, stop poachers

New Straits Times 7 Jul 19;

TAIPING: Police have agreed to assist the Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) rangers to carry out patrols in the jungle.

Water, Land and Natural Resources Minister Dr A. Xavier Jayakumar said the cooperation was necessary to combat poachers, particularly of the Malayan tigers, as well as to destroy the traps set up by irresponsible parties.

“I will make an announcement on the joint operation with the police soon, while cooperation with the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) is still in negotiation as it involves technical issues,” he told reporters after opening the Save Malayan Tiger Campaign here Saturday.

According to Dr Xavier, the Wildlife Conservation Act 2010 does not allow forest rangers to carry firearms and, more or less, it limits their ability to fight poachers in areas bordering neighbouring countries.

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