Best of our wild blogs: 17 Jun 17

World Sea Turtle Day 2017
Herpetological Society of Singapore

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More rainy days expected in second half of June: Met Service

Channel NewsAsia 16 Jun 17;

SINGAPORE: Brief thundery showers are expected to bring some respite from the June heat in the second half of the month.

Six to eight days of short thundery showers can be expected mostly in the late morning and afternoon, the Meteorological Service Singapore said in a media advisory on Friday (Jun 16).

Widespread thundery showers with occasional gusty winds are also expected between the pre-dawn hours and morning on one or two days.

However, rainfall for June is nevertheless likely to be below normal, and the daily maximum temperature could still reach a high of around 35°C on a few days, the Met Service said.

On most days, the daily temperature is forecast to range between 25°C and 34°C.


Singapore saw dry and warm conditions, particularly in the first week of June, with the highest daily maximum temperature of 34.9°C logged at Chua Chu Kang on Jun 5.

It was hot at night as well - on most days, the Changi climate station logged night-time temperatures between 25.8°C and 28.3°C, well above the long-term climatological June
mean minimum temperature of 25.4°C.

The warm nights were due to warm and humid air over the sea being blown towards land by the prevailing winds, the Met Service said.

Most parts of Singapore saw below-normal rainfall in the first half of June, with the Changi area receiving the lowest rainfall of 8.6mm, which was 87 per cent below average.

Rainfall was highest in the Chua Chu Kang area, which logged 116.3mm of rain - 36 per cent above average.

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Malaysia: RM5mil worth of pangolin scales from Ghana seized

SYED AZHAR The Star 16 Jun 17;

SEPANG: Customs and Excise Department officers intercepted a shipment of pangolin scales worth RM5mil at KL International Airport on Thursday.

Its director Datuk Hamzah Sundang said the scales, packed in 16 large boxes, were seized at the Air Cargo Free Trade Zone at the airport.

The consignment arrived via Turkish Airlines from Ghana.

"The scales weighing 400kg are believed to be worth more than RM5mil.

"Such merchandise needs an import permit and therefore is illegal," he told reporters at his office.

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Indonesia: Endangered mangrove species found in West Kalimantan

Jakarta Post 16 Jun 17;

A Kalimantan-based environmental institution has released findings of an endangered mangrove species discovered within the coastal landscape of Padang Tikar and Dabung in Kubu Raya regency, West Kalimantan.

“The finding of this tumuk putih species, or Bruguiera hainesii, is the first in Indonesia. This type of mangrove previously only existed in Malaysia, Singapore and Papua New Guinea,” said Denni Nurdwiansyah, the program manager of Friends of Coastal Communities (Sampan) Kalimantan as quoted by Antara news agency on Wednesday.

Denni said the species is listed in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species’s critically endangered category. The species has a population of around 203 trees, 80 of which are found in Malaysia, three in Singapore and 120 in Papua New Guinea.

The community's mangrove specialist Bekti Saputro said the finding indicated that the mangrove ecosystem in Padang Tikar is still healthy and well-preserved.

The mangroves on Padang Tikar’s coast represents 33 percent of the total 202 types of mangrove species recorded in Indonesia, or 47 percent of the 150 types of mangrove species in Kalimantan.

The findings also confirm the status of Kubu Raya regency, especially Padang Tikar, as one of the richest and most complete mangrove ecosystems in Southeast Asia, with a total area of 59,847 hectares. (mas/kes)

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