Best of our wild blogs: 17 Oct 18

Our Crazy Rich Shores: Kusu Island
Celebrating Singapore Shores!

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Sentosa Island, Pulau Brani development plans in the works

Channel NewsAsia 17 Oct 18;

SINGAPORE: A comprehensive set of plans to reshape Sentosa Island is being developed, announced Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry Chee Hong Tat on Wednesday (Oct 17) at the opening of travel trade show ITB Asia 2018.

Mr Chee spoke about Sentosa Island's status as a major tourism attraction in Singapore, and highlighted its need to remain competitive by constantly rejuvenating itself.

"We are currently developing a comprehensive set of plans to reshape the entire island and provide more scope for new attractions and investments on Sentosa," said Mr Chee.

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Singapore tops index measuring food security, but vulnerable to trade and climate-related risks

VICTOR LOH Today Online 17 Oct 18;

SINGAPORE — In a first for Singapore, the Republic has topped the Global Food Security Index, which measures the affordability, availability, quality and safety of food sources in 113 countries.

This is an improvement from its fourth position last year.

However, the index by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) highlighted Singapore's vulnerability to climate-related and natural resource risks, which is not reflected in the overall ranking.

Taking risks such as exposure to climate change (temperature rise, drought, flooding, etc) and the health of land and water resources into account, Singapore ranks 16th among the 113 countries, with Switzerland at the top.

“Singapore’s strong food-security score is largely attributable to its status as a high-income economy,” said the report, noting that the country’s GDP per capita has risen by nearly 30 per cent since 2012, and the percentage of household expenditure that is spent on food is the second-lowest in the index.

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PUB takes contractor to task for polluting Bukit Timah canal with silt from construction site

Tee Zhuo Straits Times 16 oct 18;

SINGAPORE - A contractor will be taken to task for polluting a canal in Bukit Timah with silt, PUB said on Tuesday (Oct 16).

In its statement, Singapore's national water agency said that it had investigated and confirmed the material discharged into the canal after a heavy downpour last Wednesday was silt.

"We have traced the silty discharge to a nearby construction site that had failed to provide adequate earth control measures on site," PUB added.

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Burger King Singapore to stop providing plastic lids and straws for drinks

Channel NewsAsia 16 Oct 18;

SINGAPORE: Burger King announced that it will no longer provide dine-in customers plastic straws and lids for their cold drinks at its 42 outlets in Singapore.

The initiative began on Monday (Oct 15).

Replying to Channel NewsAsia's queries, Burger King said that customers can however still request for the plastic lids and straws at the counter.

"We understand that some guests with children will still require straws, so we are happy to accede to their request," said a spokesperson, adding that the lids and straws will still be provided for takeaways and deliveries.

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