Republic Polytechnic launches course to groom high-tech farmers

Cheryl Teh Straits Times 11 Jan 19;

A new course here aims to train the next generation of high-tech farmers so that Singapore can produce more of its own food.

The Diploma in Applied Science in Urban Agricultural Technology, launched by Republic Polytechnic (RP) on Wednesday, is the first full-qualification diploma course in agricultural technology in Singapore.

The course was developed by RP, in consultation with the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore, to develop a local core agriculture workforce with modern agricultural knowledge and techniques to drive the sector's growth and transformation.

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Grab says 'right time' to introduce electric vehicles, set to roll out 200 Hyundai Konas

Amir Yusof Channel NewsAsia 10 Jan 19;

SINGAPORE: Ride-hailing firm Grab is set to roll out 200 electric vehicles (EVs) into Singapore's streets progressively from Friday (Jan 11).

Having purchased 200 Hyundai Kona 64 kWH electric cars, Grab will release an initial batch of 20 vehicles on Friday with the rest being introduced over the next few weeks, head of the company's car leasing service GrabRentals, Kau Yi Ming said in an interview with local media.

"With these 200 cars, we will also be one of the biggest EV fleet in Singapore, and we want to be able to take this opportunity to introduce electric vehicles to both drivers and passengers of Grab," said Mr Kau.

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Malaysia: Melaka focusing on conserving and preserving turtle landing sites

r.s.n.murali The Star 10 Jan 19;

MELAKA: The state government is cutting back on the perimeter of ongoing reclamation works close to Pulau Upeh for the sake of turtles, said

State Agriculture, Entrepreneur Development, Co-operative and Agro-Based committee chairman Norhizam Hassan Baktee.

He said the move was decided as the state government is focusing on conserving and preserving the environment of the turtle landing sites at Pulau Upeh and other parts of the state.

“We have stopped contractors from encroaching the perimeter of the permitted reclamation zone and they will face punitive action if they continue to be defiant.

“For the record, the reclamation works close to Pulau Upeh have been in existence since the 1970s,” he said after launching the staff appreciation event at the Turtle Conservation Centre in Padang Kemunting on Monday.

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World's oceans are heating up at a quickening pace: study

AFP Yahoo News 11 Jun 19;

Tampa (AFP) - The world's oceans are heating up at an accelerating pace as global warming threatens a diverse range of marine life and a major food supply for the planet, researchers said Thursday.

The findings in the US journal Science, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, debunk previous reports that suggested a so-called pause in global warming in recent years.

The latest technology shows no such hiatus ever existed, raising new concerns about the pace of climate change and its effect on the planet's main buffer -- the oceans.

"Ocean heating is a very important indicator of climate change, and we have robust evidence that it is warming more rapidly than we thought," said co-author Zeke Hausfather, a graduate student in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley.

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