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LTA seeks feedback on Land Transport Masterplan

Channel NewsAsia 25 Jun 12;

SINGAPORE: The Land Transport Authority (LTA) is seeking public feedback on its existing and future Land Transport Masterplan.

The plan maps out strategies that will go into formulating the country's transport policies.

The last plan, launched in 2008, saw initiatives such as expanded rail and road networks as well as improved barrier free access to bus and rail stations.

As part of its update, the LTA will gather public views on how the various programmes under the 2008 masterplan can be refined as well as identify new initiatives.

To give feedback, go to this website:

The portal will host online discussion forums and surveys that the public can participate in.

Detailed information on the scope of the consultation process and the 2008 Masterplan is also available.

Alternatively, members of the public can email the LTA at

The LTA said those who participate stand to win an EZ-Link card worth S$10.

Feedback channels will open till 30 September.

As part of the consultation process, LTA will also carry out a series of focus group discussions, after which views will be consolidated and released with the updated masterplan, which is targeted for 2013.

- CNA/ck

LTA seeks commuter views on new Land Transport Masterplan
Royston Sim Straits Times 25 Jun 12;

Commuters can weigh in on what they would like to see in a new Land Transport Masterplan.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) plans to consult the public and gather views on how existing initiatives listed in the 2008 Masterplan can be refined. It will also seek their input on new initiatives.

In a statement on Monday, the LTA said the updated Masterplan 'will build on what LTA has planned to date and also map out new initiatives to take us forward for the next 10-15 years of our land transport journey'.

The authority has set up a web portal for the public to give their feedback - Commuters can also e-mail their views to

Those who participate in the public consultation can win an EZ-Link card worth $10. LTA will select 30 winners through a draw and contact them by e-mail after the consultation is completed.

The LTA will receive feedback till Sept 30, and it will also carry out a series of focus group discussions.

A summary of the feedback received and the LTA's responses will be released together with the updated Masterplan, which is targeted for release next year.

Transport feedback wanted
Straits Times 26 Jun 12;

MEMBERS of the public have been asked what they would like to see in an updated Land Transport Masterplan.

Their feedback will be used to help refine the existing 2008 document, a new version of which is expected next year.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) released a statement yesterday saying it was time to review the masterplan to address emerging challenges and identify new initiatives to 'deliver a transport network that better meets the needs of Singaporeans'.

It also consulted commuters before it released the 2008 version. The public can give their feedback online at

The website will host online discussion forums and surveys that visitors can take part in.

Commuters can also e-mail their feedback to

Detailed information on the scope of the consultation process and the 2008 Masterplan is available on the website.

Those who take part in the exercise can win an ez-link card worth $10.

Thirty winners will be selected in a draw and will receive an e-mail after the consultation is completed.

The exercise will last until Sept 30, and a series of in-depth focus group discussions will also be carried out.

A summary of the feedback received and the authority's responses will be released together with the updated masterplan.

Since 2008, various initiatives have been implemented, including an expanded rail network and distance-based fares.


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Australia: Mystery turtle deaths stump scientists

The Australian 25 Jun 12;

THE mysterious death of 22 green turtles, a protected species, is puzzling experts in North Queensland.

The experts have not ruled out poisoning and even drowning as a cause.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection is investigating the deaths of the turtles found at Wunjunga Beach, about 100 kilometres south of Townsville.

The department's director of threatened species, Wolf Sievers, said the vulnerable animals have been washing up on the beach for over a week.

"It is very unusual for this many turtles to have stranded on one beach and we will be making every effort to establish what may have happened," Mr Sievers said.

Senior turtle expert Dr Ian Bell said that initial investigations found no injuries, no obvious signs of malnutrition or illness.

"It's a bit like turtle CSI, it's all about ruling out possible alternatives," Dr Bell said.

"We're ruling out starvation. It doesn't look like it's any infectious type of disease, and it leaves us with two possibilities.

"One is potential poisoning, and we're also looking at the possibility of a drowning.

"At this stage we really don't know."

The department hopes they will be able to establish the causes of death after performing further necropsies.

The entire Great Barrier Reef is an important feeding area for green turtles, which are classified as a vulnerable species nationally under legislation.

All of the green turtles, except one, have been large adult female green turtles. Adults have a shell length of about 1m and average about 130 kg, although some nesting females can weigh more than 180 kg.

A loss of just one breeding size individual can have an impact on the species.

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