That Singapore must cope with food disruption and vulnerability is our reality

Singapore has excellent logistics, infrastructure and a trade eco-system, but we cannot assume there would no disruptions to our food supplies, says Paul Teng.
Paul Teng Channel NewsAsia 23 Dec 18;

SINGAPORE: The shortages of eggs, some types of wild fish, and shrimps from Malaysia that may lead to export curbs and price increases may be a forerunner of things to come.

This is illustrative of the increasing link between food exporting countries and importing ones, especially in Southeast Asian since the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) came into force in December 2015 which advocates an integrated market for ASEAN, though countries have long been cognisant of such dependencies.

With greater economic integration comes higher regional interdependence. Closer linkages are desired as the expansion of business opportunities aid countries, particularly lower-income ASEAN member states, to grow their economies. But it also means that situations resulting in domestic policy changes in one country can affect others.

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Efforts to make it safer for animals in Mandai area

Besides interim measures during rejuvenation works, permanent features will also be put in place
Cheryl Teh Straits Times 22 Dec 18;

From rope bridges and 12m poles to lower speed limits of 20kmh to 40kmh, measures have been put in place along Mandai Lake Road in the past two years to facilitate safer wildlife crossings.

They are part of efforts by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) to minimise instances of roadkill and human-animal conflict along the often busy road.

Since work started on the Mandai rejuvenation project, which borders the Central Catchment Nature Reserve, nature groups suspect forest-dwelling animals have moved out of their natural habitat because of disturbance from the works.

There have been instances of wildlife killed in collisions with vehicles. In the latest incident this week, a sambar deer was run over by a motorcycle, making it at least the third such incident this year.

But Mandai Park Development hopes the measures will reap results over time.

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