Best of our wild blogs: 28 Nov 18

Berlayar Creek AND Labrador surveys!
wild shores of singapore

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KPE, Geylang flash floods caused by lapses at nearby construction site: PUB

Channel NewsAsia 27 Nov 18;

SINGAPORE: PUB will take action against a construction firm for failing to maintain the drainage on one of its construction sites, leading to flash floods in Geylang on Nov 11, the national water agency said in a statement on Tuesday (Nov 27).

The floods affected Geylang Lorong 23 and the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) slip road to the Pan-Island Expressway (towards Changi).

"Enforcement action" will be taken against construction contractor, Straits Construction Singapore (SCS), for the lack of proper maintenance of the drainage system within their site, PUB added.

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Feeding Singapore’s hunger for sand

Maizura Ismail The ASEAN Post 26 Nov 18;

Sand mining for reclamation of coastal areas is both, a geopolitical and conservation issue for the Southeast Asian region, with many of the more developed countries in the bloc playing culprits. Leading the regional pack for reclaiming land from its coasts is Singapore, with Malaysia close behind. In Singapore, the total land area has literally grown more than 25 percent since the nation first came into being. The island city-state has so far increased its total land area from 578 square kilometres (km²) in 1819 to 719 km² today.

The continuous supply of sand drives Singapore’s growth both, in land area and economy. Where there used to be only water now stands ports and airports, commercial and industrial areas, as well as luxury hotels, casinos and high-rise apartments. Propping up land growth in the world’s largest sand importer is sand sourced from neighbouring countries, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, both legally and illegally.

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Anak Krakatau volcano erupts 18 times triggering fear of tsunami

Antara 27 Nov 18;

Bandarlampung, Lampung (ANTARA News) - The Anak Krakatau volcano in the Sunda Strait between Java and southern end of Sumatra erupted 18 times on Monday until Tuesday morning, spewing volcanic material soaring as high as 600 meters.

The frequent eruptions lately of Anak Krakatau caused fear of a repeat of 1883 devastation when Krakatau volcano erupted followed with big tsunami.

The eruption of Mount Krakatau and the tsunami in 1883 was one of the most devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami in history.

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Climate-warming El Niño very likely in 2019, says UN agency

Natural cycle has major influence on global weather, bringing droughts and floods
Damian Carrington The Guardian 27 Nov 18;

There is a 75-80% chance of a climate-warming El Niño event by February, according to the latest analysis from the UN’s World Meteorological Organization.

The last El Niño event ended in 2016 and helped make that year the hottest ever recorded by adding to the heating caused by humanity’s carbon emissions. The 2019 event is not currently forecast to be as strong as in 2016.

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Global warming outpaces efforts to slow it: UN

Marlowe HOOD, AFP Yahoo News 27 Nov 18;

Paris (AFP) - Humanity is falling further behind in the race against climate change, with the gap between greenhouse gas emissions and levels needed to achieve the Paris climate treaty temperature goals continuing to widen, the UN said Tuesday.

With only a single degree Celsius of warming so far, the world has seen a crescendo of deadly wildfires, heatwaves and hurricanes.

On current trends, temperatures are on track to rise roughly 4C by the century's end, a scenario that would tear at the fabric of civilisation, scientists say.

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