Best of our wild blogs: 19 Oct 18

Singapore Bird Report – September 2018
Singapore Bird Group

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Two leopard geckos seized at Woodlands Checkpoint

Channel NewsAsia 18 Oct 18;

SINGAPORE: A 31-year-old Malaysian man was found with a pair of live leopard geckos in his car at the Woodlands Checkpoint on Tuesday (Oct 16), the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said on Thursday.

The geckos were found in two separate container boxes that had been wrapped in a towel and placed in a bag in the driver's Malaysian-registered car, ICA said in a Facebook post.

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Malaysia: No more mangrove lands for shrimp farming, says Sabah minister

stephanie lee The Star 18 Oct 18;

KOTA KINABALU: There will be no more mangrove lands approved for shrimp farming in Sabah, says Datuk Junz Wong.

The Sabah Agriculture and Food Industries Minister said mangrove destruction for whatever purposes must be stopped for conservation.

“The destruction of valuable natural environment assets are irreversible, therefore instead of destroying the environment for wealth, we should promote and encourage agricultural economic development,” he said during a visit to the Pitas Shrimp Farm at Sungai Telaga in Pitas.

Wong urged prawn farmers to go upstream to create hatcheries, as well as downstream for prawn export.

Wong had also rejected a 1,000 acre mangrove land application for prawn farming.

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Indonesia: Floods strike Sumatra as rainy season begins

Fardah Assegaf Antara 19 Oct 18;

Jakarta, (ANTARA News)- Rainy season has begun in some parts of Indonesia, particularly on Sumatra Island, but the dry season has continued in other regions, such as on Java Island and East Nusa Tenggara.

Such a weather phenomenon is quite normal in Indonesia, as the country is prone to hydrometeorological disasters, such as flooding in rainy season and wildfires or severe drought during the dry season.

In East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), for instance, 11 districts have been hit by the severe dry season. The districts, which include East Manggarai, Nagekeo, Ende, Lembata, East Sumba, Rote Ndao, Kupang, North Timor Tengah, Malaka, and Belu, have received no rains for more than two months.

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Indonesia: Prolonged drought triggers wildfires on mountains in Java

Fardah Antara 18 Oct 18;

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Some parts of Indonesia`s regions have entered the rainy season, while several others, such as Java and Nusa Tenggara Islands, are experiencing prolonged severe dry season, causing drought, water shortages, and also wildfires.

On Java Island, the prolonged dry season has triggered wildfires in forest areas located on the slopes of several mountains in Central, East, and West Java Provinces.

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Indonesia: BRG claims less hot spots detected in intervened peatland

Antara 18 Oct 18;

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Indonesia`s Peat land Restoration Agency (BRG) has claimed that fewer hot spots were found in the peat land area under its restoration program through the 3Rs approach (rewetting, revegetation, livelihood revitalization).

"Similar to what Mr Haris (BRG`s Deputy for Research and Development Haris Gunawan) has done, making fish ponds or sampling farms, we map out the coordinates, and then we observe within one kilometer. If there are hot spots detected, it was not much, and located more than 2 km from the intervened area," BRG chief Nazir Foead said here on Wednesday.

He noted the intervention that included peat land rewetting by establishing canal blocks, building artesian wells, and livelihood revitalization by making fish ponds and farms had successfully reduced the number of hot spots.

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