Indonesia: Tiger population in Bengkulu drops due to poaching

Antara 11 Jan 12;

Bengkulu, Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The population of Sumatran tigers (Pantera Tigris Sumatrae) in Bengkulu Province has dropped due to poaching, a local official said.

Two years ago, the tiger population in Bengkulu had been estimated at around 50, and currently it was around 19 based on an estimation from conflicts and encounters between human beings and the animals lately, Anom Zamora, the head of the Bengkulu Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA), said here on Wednesday.

"Over the past few years, local residents have encountered sumatran tigers among other things in forest and plantation areas in the districts of Seluma, Bengkulu Tengah, Kaur, Kepahiang, North Bengkulu, Lebong and Rejang Lebong," he said.

Last year, tigers had reportedly killed livestock such as goats and cows, and a number of humans.

Human encroachment into tiger habitats has triggered conflicts between man and tigers.

Supatono of the Bengkulu BKSDA said the latest case in which a tiger became a victim of human beings was reported several days ago when a tiger was trapped and wounded at Gedang Hulu Lais vilalge,

Lebong Selatan sub district, Lebong District, Bengkulu Province.

"The Sumatran tiger`s condition is weak, it weighs around 60-70 kg and is five or six years old. The tiger is dehydrated because it has probably been trapped for four days," he said.

Despite being protected by law, tigers have been poached because they are in high demand in the black market.


Editor: Ella Syafputri

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