Don't widen road, say Pasir Panjang residents

Royston Sim Straits Times 6 May 13;

PLANS to widen part of Pasir Panjang Road have met opposition from some residents in a private estate association.

In a letter to Member of Parliament Lim Hng Kiang last week, two of them suggested building more bus bays to ease traffic congestion instead.

They expressed concern that the project would "significantly impact amenity in this peaceful urban enclave" and have an impact on more than 100 mature trees at the roadside.

They also asked Mr Lim, the Minister for Trade and Industry and MP for West Coast GRC, to support their request that the Urban Redevelopment Authority consult Pasir Panjang Private Estate Association residents on the issue before it is implemented.

Mr Nick Jacobs, one of the letter's authors, said any congestion is largely caused by buses stopping along the road. "Traffic can be improved by implementing bus bays," he said. "Widening doesn't necessarily solve the problem. It will encourage more people to use the road."

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) announced last week that a 3.9km stretch of Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Road between South Buona Vista Road and West Coast Link will be expanded from one lane each way to two in each direction.

Mr Jacobs, 41, a public relations director, noted that the project includes building a direct link between Science Park Road and West Coast Highway. This removes the need to widen Pasir Panjang Road as much of the traffic in the area comes from Science Park, he added.

Mr Ben Low, an executive committee member of the association who has lived in the area for 25 years, said traffic is mostly light except for between 7.30am and 8.30am, and from 5pm to 7pm. The 63-year-old added: "You don't burn the house just to catch the rat... if more bus bays can be built, there won't be any traffic congestion.

An LTA spokesman said Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Road serve as the primary means of access to nearby residential estates, offices, eating places, religious facilities and research and educational institutes.

"The traffic plying along this stretch is currently facing constant delay due to obstruction such as buses stopping at the bus stops, vehicles making right turns into developments, as well as other roadside activities."

Widening the stretch to two lanes each way and adding a direct link will increase overall road capacity to meet the anticipated increase in traffic volume from future developments, the spokesman said.

He added that road alignment will minimise the number of trees affected and even more trees will be planted after the works are completed.

Still, residents hope the plan can be rethought. Mr Low said: "Even if they replant the trees, a newly transplanted one is different from a 50-year one."

Stretch of Pasir Panjang Road to be widened by 2017
Royston Sim Straits Times 25 Apr 13;

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will widen a 3.9km stretch of Pasir Panjang Road and West Coast Road between South Buona Vista Road and West Coast Link to meet an expected increase in traffic in the area.

The stretch of road, which currently has one lane in each direction, will be widened to two lanes each way. The LTA said this will provide additional road capacity to cater to new developments along the West Coast corridor and within Science Park.

A tender will be called in the coming weeks. Widening works are expected to begin in the fourth quarter of this year and completed by the first quarter of 2017. Contractors will erect temporary barriers where possible to minimise noise from construction.

The authorities added that they will acquire some private land along Pasir Panjang Road to widen the road. No buildings however are affected and only areas such as fencing, drains, open spaces and grass verges will be acquired. Landowners that are directly affected will receive an acquisition notice on Thursday.

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  1. "He added that road alignment will minimise the number of trees affected"
    Complete BS! they will have to chop off virtually ALL old trees along Pasir Panjang Road. What an idiotic plan, when adding a few bus bays will do the job. Our last stretches of streets with old trees are thoughtlessly sacrificed for traffic. Who wants to live in such a city?