Preserve Malay cemetery as green lung

Sutari Supari Straits Times Forum 9 Jan 14;

THE Malay cemetery in Jalan Kubor should be preserved because of its historical significance and ecological value (“NHB project to document Malay cemetery”; last Saturday).

The 33,900 sq m plot dates back to the 1800s and is the oldest Malay cemetery here.

It is the resting place of notable personalities and community leaders such as Haji Ambok Sooloh and Syed Alwi Ali Aljunied, and the walled-up part of the compound is the Old Malay Royal Graveyard.

In March 2012, the Nature Society (Singapore) and some others conducted a bird and plant survey at the cemetery, and found the site to be rich in plant, insect and avian life.

Of particular interest was a huge fig tree. Its fruits attracted many birds such as the black-naped oriole, Asian glossy starling and golden-bellied gerygone. The uncommon oriental magpie-robin was also spotted.

The cemetery forms a green lung and oasis amid the urban sprawl of Rochor/Kampung Glam, and I urge the Government to preserve it.

Sutari Supari

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