Locally-harvested salads hit shelves at Singapore supermarkets

AsiaOne 13 Nov 15;

SINGAPORE - Locally-harvested salad mixes from Singapore's first licensed indoor vegetable farm have hit the shelves at selected supermarket chains, Panasonic said in a press release on Thursday (Nov 12).

Currently offered in three combinations, Veggie Life is a result of collaboration with Singapore's Food Innovation and Resource Centre.
Research and development efforts were conducted to ensure that the ingredients of each salad combination provides optimal nutritional benefits to support a healthy lifestyle and complements in taste.

Veggie Life salads are also cultivated in the indoor farm's controlled soil-based, pesticide-free environment with optimum cultivation conditions. This ensures compliance with food safety standards, said Panasonic. The produce is then harvested, packaged on-site and delivered on the same day to maximise freshness.

"Locally-sourced and fresh ingredients are crucial to the farm-to-table experience, and we are pleased to be able to provide that through our Veggie Life salad mixes," said Hideki Baba, Managing Director of Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific.

38 types of vegetables are currently harvested in Panasonic's indoor farm. The facility has also expanded its annual production capacity from 3.6 to 81 tonnes in the last year, which is on target to contribute five per cent to Singapore's local production by FY2016.

Veggie Life salads are available at the following supermarket chains: Emporium Shokuhin, Isetan supermarkets at Scotts and Westgate, and MEIDI-YA.

Panasonic launches homegrown salad mixes
Today Online 18 Nov 15;

SINGAPORE — It was the first indoor vegetable farm certified by the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) when it began commercial operations in 2013. Based in Singapore, Panasonic Factory Solutions Asia Pacific (PFSAP) — yes, it is a subsidiary of Panasonic, the global electronics giant — currently grows 32 varieties of vegetables, from red and green leafy vegetables to mizuna, red chard and white radish, which it supplies to hotels, catering companies and restaurants here.

And now, consumers can grab these freshly harvested crops, packaged on site and delivered the same day for convenience and freshness, directly from 

Retailing under its Veggie Life brand, these pre-packed salads come in a range of three nutrient-dense mixes for consumers on the go.

The Antioxidant Mix, for example, contains vitamin C and a mix of mizuna, mini white radish, baby spinach, and red and yellow chard. The Vibrant Mix, on the other hand, contains zinc and magnesium (the latter is said to help with the absorption and retention of calcium) and features green leafy lettuce, red and white radish, and mizuna. The Nourish Mix of red chard, oba and red leafy lettuce is focused on delivering vitamin A, an antioxidant that is also essential for eye function.

The pre-packed salads are priced at S$6.90 and can be found at selected supermarkets such as those at Emporium Shokuhin, Isetan at Scotts and Westgate, and MEIDI-YA. By the end of the month, consumers can also find Veggie Life salads at Big Box Hypermart and selected FairPrice supermarkets.

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