Famous Instagram Tree in Punggol will have to go: HDB

The Housing and Development Board says "parts of the tree are falling off without warning" and advises visitors of the Punggol Waterway Park to stay away from it before its removal on Dec 16.
Channel NewsAsia 9 Dec 15;

SINGAPORE: A tree that has become popular with Singapore shutterbugs will be removed next Wednesday (Dec 16) "in the interest of public safety", said the Housing and Development Board (HDB).

In a Facebook post, HDB said it had recently checked on the tree located in Punggol, and arborists certified it dead.

"Although we recognise that this is the popular Punggol Instagram tree, we would advise park visitors to stay away from it as parts of the tree are falling off without warning," HDB said.

It urged followers on Facebook to tell their friends "so they can stay safe" whilst enjoying other scenic spots at the Punggol Waterway Park.

Netizens bid farewell to popular Instagram tree which will be removed next week
Today Online 10 Dec 15;

SINGAPORE — Couples have posed beside it during wedding shoots and dates, while local shutterbugs have often used it as a backdrop for their creative endeavours. Now, it is time to say goodbye to the iconic Punggol tree — affectionally dubbed the #InstagramTree online.

Despite its popularity on one of the world's biggest social media networks, the Punggol tree will be removed by the Housing Development Board (HDB) in the interest of public safety next Wednesday (Dec 16). Since the HDB made the announcement on Facebook yesterday, some people have taken to social media to post photos of the tree and bid their farewells.

It's goodbye to popular 'Punggol Lone Tree'
Lee Min Kok, The Straits Times AsiaOne 12 Dec 15;

A tree in Punggol that is dear to many a photographer and couple will soon be removed.

On Wednesday, the Housing Board said in a Facebook post that it will remove the tree next Wednesday, citing public safety concerns as parts of the tree have been falling off without warning.

The HDB said arborists had recently checked the tree, which is on a small hill along a waterway, and certified that it was dead.

"Although we recognise that this is the popular Punggol #instagram tree, we would advise park visitors to stay away from it," it added.

The tree, which belongs to the fast-growing Albizia species originating from eastern Indonesia, was struck by lightning in July and lost half its branches.

Dubbed the "Punggol Lone Tree", it is popular with photographers and couples for the unique backdrop it provides. More than 1,400 photos of the tree have been tagged #instagramtree on the social media platform.

Despite the tree's withered state, people have still been making trips to see it.

Accounts manager Christy Goh said the tree holds fond memories for her. "I had my wedding photos shot there last year, and it's such a shame that it will be gone so soon," said the 32-year-old.

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