Flash floods hit parts of S’pore for second day in a row

TOH EE MING Today Online 11 Dec 15;

SINGAPORE — For a second day in a row, roads clogged up with traffic after heavy downpours triggered flash floods in several parts across the island this afternoon (Dec 11).

Flash floods were reported in areas at Thomson Road, Balestier Road, Cambridge Road and at several junctions, including Mandalay Road/Balestier Road and Boon Keng Road/Bendemeer Road, although these cleared up by 2.50pm, according to national water agency PUB’s Twitter posts.

On social media, users posted pictures of ankle-deep waters at bus stops, and traffic congestion on flooded roads. A tree came crashing down outside Orchard Central while parts of Junction 8 shopping mall in Bishan were flooded.

PUB’s director of catchment and waterways Ridzuan Ismail said the heaviest rainfall was recorded at Beatty Secondary School’s rain gauge station, with 80.4mm of rain falling from 1.05pm to 2.45pm. The bulk of the rain beat down in the first 30 minutes of the skies opening up.

PUB said it is investigating the flooding incidents but Mr Ismail said certain locations are more prone to flooding as they are situated in low-lying areas or have localised depressions, citing the examples of Cambridge Road and Thomson Road.

The junctions at Mandalay Road/Balestier Road, Boon Keng Road/Bendemeer Road and Boon Lay Way/Corporation Road are also “known hotspots”, he added.

Mr Ismail said drainage upgrading works in areas like Novena Rise/Thomson Road and Balestier Road/Mandalay Road are set to be completed by the third quarter of next year and the second quarter of 2017, respectively.

Drainage upgrading works at the junctions of Boon Lay Way/Corporation Road and Boon Keng Road/Bendeemer Road have been planned to start in the first quarter next year.

According to information posted on the National Environment Agency’s website, thundery showers in the afternoons and evenings are forecast for the next four days.

PUB advised the public to exercise caution as flash floods may occur in the event of heavy storms.

Heavy downpour causes flash floods around Singapore
High water levels were reported in the Thomson and Novena areas, while part of Orchard Road was reportedly blocked when a tree fell.
Channel NewsAsia 11 Dec 15;

SINGAPORE: A heavy downpour on Friday (Dec 11) caused flash floods and a falling tree across various parts of Singapore.

National water agency PUB reported flash floods at Cambridge Road (near Pek Kio CC), at Boon Lay Way / Corporation Road, Thomson Road (near Novena Rise), Mandalay Road / Balestier Road and Boon Keng Road / Bendemeer Road.

Channel NewsAsia viewer Gary Tse, who was on the way to the hospital, reported a heavy downpour in Novena, while TODAY reader Wilson Tiow submitted photos of a flash flood near Thomson Medical Centre.

The flash flood along Thomson Road, opposite Thomson Medical Centre on Dec 11, 2015. (Photo: Wilson Tiow)

A video submitted to Channel NewsAsia by viewer Berlin Ang showed the waters were ankle-deep at the bus stop opposite Thomson Medical Centre.

On Orchard Road, a tree came crashing down on the road in front of Orchard Central mall.

A man was spotted redirecting traffic there, as the fallen tree had blocked off at least one lane. Twitter user @MahaBornFree tweeted a photo of his good deed, labeling him a "kind soul".

After the rain stopped, others jumped in to help. Channel NewsAsia viewer Gary Lee sent in a photo of youngsters trying to remove the obstruction from the road.

#SGFlood: Singaporeans react to floods on social media
Nurul Azliah Aripin | Yahoo Newsroom 11 Dec 15;

The flood season is officially here.

On Friday, many Singaporeans stuck in "wet situations", mainly in the northern, eastern and western areas, flocked to social media to share their reactions.

At 11am, the National Environment Agency announced on Twitter saying that thundery showers might be hitting several areas across Singapore.

PUB Singapore later sent a series of tweets, saying that roads affected by floods were: Keng Lee road, Cambridge road, Thomson road, Boon Lay Way, Corporation road, Mandalay road, Balestier road, Boon Keng road and Bendemeer road.

The downpour went on for about two hours; NEA announced at 2:30pm that the heavy rain had eased.

However, many who were trapped in the floods and rain posted images and videos of the areas they were in, on social media.

Twitter user known as Nicole, posted a video on Twitter of the howling winds and high water level in Novena, saying, “Flooding at Novena, can’t go out.”

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