622 dengue cases reported last week: NEA

A total of 1,882 dengue cases have been reported in Singapore since Jan 3, according to the National Environment Agency (NEA).
Channel NewsAsia 26 Jan 16;

SINGAPORE: A total of 622 dengue cases were reported in the week ending Jan 23, according to latest figures published on the National Environment Agency (NEA) website.

This was 2 cases fewer than the previous week, NEA said, after revising down the original 628 figure. Another 89 cases were reported between Jan 24 and 3.30pm on Jan 25.

A total of 1,882 dengue cases have been reported in Singapore since Jan 3. Last Friday, a 47-year-old man living in Marsiling Rise died of dengue – the first dengue-related death this year.

NEA warned that there has been an increase in the Aedes mosquito population, with the warmer-than-usual weather shortening the breeding and maturation cycles of the mosquitoes, as well as the incubation periods for the dengue virus.

Additionally, the proportion of dengue cases due to the DENV-2 serotype has increased and now accounts for more than two-thirds of all dengue cases serotyped in Singapore, the agency said. Previously, the DENV-1 serotype accounted for most of the dengue cases in Singapore since March 2013.

“This change in the main circulating dengue virus and the increase in mosquito population due to warmer weather may be contributing to the spike in dengue cases. Immediate measures need to be taken by all stakeholders to suppress the Aedes mosquito population,” NEA said.

NEA also reminded homeowners who buy plants for Chinese New Year to ensure that the plants do not become breeding habitats for mosquitos. Those doing spring-cleaning should also properly dispose of their refuse to avoid these becoming breeding habitats, and those planning to go on vacation should also mosquito-proof their homes before travelling, it said.

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622 cases of dengue reported last week
Today Online 26 Jan 16;

SINGAPORE – The number of reported cases of dengue remained high last week with 622 cases reported between Jan 17 and Jan 23.

This was two cases fewer than the week before, but still higher than any week reported last year, data provided by the National Environment Agency (NEA) showed. The number of cases is also higher compared to the same period over the last three years.

The NEA today (Jan 26) urged for members of the public and stakeholders “to take immediate action to stem the further increase in cases”.

Noting that the majority of breeding is found in homes, with the top breeding spots being domestic containers and flower pot plates and trays, the NEA said: “This is of added concern to NEA during the Chinese New Year festive season when households purchase and display Chinese New Year plants.”

Last Friday, a 47-year-old man became the first dengue fatality of the year in Singapore. The man, a Singaporean, was living at Marsiling Rise. He had been admitted to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital last Thursday and died a day later as his condition deteriorated.

The NEA has said the spike in dengue cases could be due to a change in the main circulating dengue virus — the DENV-2 serotype currently accounts for about two-thirds of all dengue cases serotyped here — as well as warmer than usual year-end weather due to the El Nino phenomenon.

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