Indonesia: Bengkulu to build tiger rehabilitation center in Seblat National Park

Antara 29 Jan 16;

Bengkulu (ANTARA News) - The Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA) of Bengkulu Province is planning to build a training and rehabilitation center for Sumatran tigers in the Seblat Natural Park in North Bengkulu District.

Head of BKSDA of Bengkulu, Anggoro Dwi Sujiarto, stated here on Friday that the center will be used to familiarize quarantined Sumatran tigers to their habitat before being released into the forest.

"For instance, if released directly, will not be able to adapt in the wild and then die or trespass into the villages," Sujiarto explained. Giring is a quarantined tiger at that area.

The Seblat National Park is 7,737 hectares wide and already has a tiger cage measuring 25 square meters.

The authority will build another similar cage at the location.

A two-hectare area in front of the cage will serve as an enclosure for the tigers to wander outside.

After the tiger becomes familiar with the forest and stops depending on rations, the rehabilitation process is considered to be complete, and the big cat can then be released into its habitat.

Besides the tiger rehabilitation center, there is also an elephant training center in the national park.

The construction of the new tiger rehabilitation center is expected to start soon this year.

(Reporting by Boyke LW/Uu.A059/INE/KR-BSR/H-YH)

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