Tuas Power launches solutions to help companies manage energy usage

The solutions provide businesses with real-time data on their energy consumption and help them identify areas of high energy consumption.
Calvin Hui Channel NewsAsia 13 Jan 16;

SINGAPORE: Tuas Power on Wednesday (Jan 13) launched a slew of solutions, called the Integrated Energy Management Solution (IEMS), to help building owners and tenants better manage their energy consumption.

The initiative is in line with Building and Construction Authority’s (BCA) 3rd Green Building Masterplan, which BCA CEO John Keung said focuses on getting tenants and users of buildings to go green.

IEMS comprises three main areas – the Automated Meter Reading (AMR) Solution, Building Management Solution and the CusCare App.

They provide businesses with real-time data on their energy consumption, helping them track their energy usage on a monthly, daily and even half-hourly basis. Companies and building owners can also identify areas of high energy consumption and take steps to reduce usage.

Through the Building Management Solution, Tuas Power will also help landlords to manage their tenants' electricity accounts, meters, billing and collection, as well as electricity management duties.

According to Tuas Power, which manages more than 630 buildings in Singapore, these solutions can help tenants save more than 18 per cent of their average monthly energy usage.

"Our goal is to help all involved monitor their energy usage, and provide solutions to make sustainable energy a reality," said Tuas Power general manager Michael Wong.


One beneficiary of the new system is warehousing company YCH Group.

"We have a lot of chiller systems and air-conditioning systems, and our main utility consumption is from this kind of energy we are spending on," said Mr Rajkumar T V, project manager of corporate facilities and infrastructure at the company. "So at the end of the day our bottom line comes down to energy savings. So definitely this AMR installation helps us to cut down our running costs."

BCA said tenants typically account for half the energy consumption in commercial buildings, so the involvement of tenants can lead to substantial energy and cost savings.

"There is a very strong business case to go green," said BCA CEO Dr Keung. "Take a look at this benchmarking study that we have done in the last two years. A Green Mark building can be as much as 15 to 20 per cent more energy-efficient than a non-Green Mark building. So these are real savings in cost.

"So depending on the size of your premises, you can save half a million or a million dollars in terms of energy consumption every year if you have a Green Mark platinum building. So that’s a very strong business case to go green."

BCA has been working with building owners to reduce energy consumption, as Singapore strives to reduce carbon emissions intensity by 36 per cent from 2005 levels by 2030.

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