Indonesia: Banda Aceh City government should focus on dengue prevention

Antara 20 Feb 16;

Banda Aceh (ANTARA News) - Regional Legislative Assembly (DPRD) spokesman Farid Nyak Umar has asked the Banda Aceh city government to focus on the prevention of dengue fever.

"We have asked the city government, in this case the city health office, to maximize the prevention of dengue fever," Umar remarked here Saturday.

In spite of the fact that the dengue fever in Banda Aceh has not been categorized as an extraordinary event, its prevention remains a priority, the politician of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) noted.

"It is better to prevent than cure. To that end, the city government should be focusing its efforts on the prevention of dengue fever," Umar explained.

The office has been trying to anticipate the threat of dengue fever in the capital of Aceh province, Banda Aceh Health Office Chief Media Yulizar said earlier.

"We have instructed our staff go straight to the field to anticipate the onset of scarlet fever. Anticipatory measure is more important than the case," Yulizar said.

There is always the threat of dengue fever, and prevention is more focused on the eradication of the nest and larvae of mosquitoes, so the source of the disease does not develop, according to him.

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