Indonesia: Floods, landslides, high waves

Thousands flee their flooded houses in North Aceh
Antara 9 Feb 16;

Lhokseumawe, Aceh (ANTARA News) - Floods triggered by days of heavy rains hit North Aceh district, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

Flood waters, which reached 30 cm up to 1 m high, forced the residents of Matang Kuli and Langkahan sub-districts to evacuate, spokesman for North Aceh district administration, T. Nadirsyah, said on Monday.

"The floods began to affect the areas yesterday and spread to other areas last night," he said.

Thousands of evacuees are being sheltered at a number of mosques.

He said the North Aceh district head has instructed relevant agencies to evacuate residents from their flooded homes and set up public kitchens at evacuation sites.(*)

Storm wrecks 62 homes in Batam
Antara 8 Feb 16;

Batam, Riau Islands (ANTARA News) - At least 62 homes in Batu Merah, Batuampar Sub-district, and the Batu Besar coastal area, Nongsa Sub-district, in Batam City, Riau Islands Province, were damaged due to storm caused by extreme weather since Sunday morning.

"Twenty houses were almost destroyed or heavily damaged, and 40 others incurred moderate damage in Batu Merah," Ardiwinata, a spokesman of the Batam municipality administration, stated here, Monday.

In Batu Besar, the storm wrecked two houses and two restaurants --- Cahaya Laut and Hankang --- that were often frequented by foreign tourists.

The local authorities have set up emergency tents and a public kitchen to help the victims of the natural disaster.(*)

Six people buried in landslide in Payakumbuh
Antara 9 Feb 16;

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Six people were buried in a landslide caused by incessant rains that also blocked the road between Payakumbuh and Pekanbaru in West Sumatra, the National Disaster Mitigation Agency said on Monday.

"Incessant rains since Friday (Feb 5) have caused flooding and landslides in several areas in the city of Solok, districts of Agam, Solok Selatan and 50 Koto," the agencys spokesman, Sutopo Nugroho, said in a release.

He said floods and landslides that have affected three sub-districts in Solok Selatan were caused by overflowing Batang Bangko, Batang Suliti and Batang Lolo rivers.

The floods and landslides have snapped the road connectivity between Muaralabuh and Padang Aro Kerinci.

Six people and a house were buried in the landslide that occurred at 20:00 hours in the district on Saturday.

"Some 2,000 homes were submerged up to 1.5 meter deep water and 100 hectares of paddy fields were also inundated in water up to a meter high. Two bridges collapsed and traffic between Payakumbuh and Pekanbaru was totally cut. Rain is still continuing as of now," he said.

The Batang Lembang river overflowed, causing flooding in the village of Koto Panjang and also Kampai Tabu Karambie, Solok city, inundating 36 homes.

In the district of Agam, he said, a landslide occurred at 02:00 on Sunday blocking a section of the road between Bukittinggi and Lubuk Sikaping, but the road is now clear for use.

Flooding also occurred in Nagari Pangkalan in the sub-district of Pangkalan Nagari in the district of 50 Koto, Sutopo said.

As many as 100 houses have been inundated in waters up to a meter deep while one person was carried away by water currents though he was later saved.

"The agency, in cooperation with the military, the police, the Red Cross and the National Rescue Agency and community members, has made an inventory of the damages and also provided emergency assistance.

Command posts have been set to provide food to those affected by the floods and landslides, he said.(*)

Death toll in W Sumatra`s floods and landslides rises to six
Antara 9 Feb 16;

Padang, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) - The death toll in landslides and floods in West Sumatra province rose to six after a search and rescue team recovered the body of a resident who was reported missing earlier.

The body of the 65-year-old resident, identified as M Yunus, was found from the same place as the four bodies recovered earlier, acting chief of the West Sumatra Provincial Disaster Mitigation Board, Zulfiatno, said.

"The team is still on the lookout for one missing victim, identified as Refa," he said.

According to the board, landslides and floods triggered by heavy rains affected the districts of Solok Selatan, Solok, Limapuluh Kota, Agam, Tanah Datar, Dharmasraya, Sijunjung and Pasaman and the municipalities of Solok and Sawahlunto.

"We call on the public to stay alert to deal with any eventualities when it rains," he said.(*)

Floods inundate Binjai as two rivers overflow
Antara 8 Feb 16;

Binjai, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Incessant heavy rains over the past two days have caused flooding and led to two rivers overflowing their banks in Binjai.

Several sub-districts in Binjai were inundated, Yusrizal, head of the Binjai disaster mitigation office, stated here, Monday.

The Mencirim and Bingei rivers overflowed and flooded the city following downpours, he remarked.

The local authorities have deployed officers to help the flood victims.(*)

High waves sink three fishing boats in North Sumatra waters
Antara 8 Feb 16;

Langkat, N Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Three traditional fishing boats sank after being hit by high waves in the waters of Alur Bui Sembilan, Pangkalan Susu, Langkat, North Sumatra Province, on Monday, but all the fishermen survived.

The fishermen were rescued by other fishermen who spotted them, Adjunct Commissioner Maladirman, head of the Langkat water police unit, stated.

They were hit by huge waves and strong winds at around 6 a.m. local time while they were returning back after fishing in the middle of the vast ocean.

One fishing boat was from Sembilan Island, and the two others were from Pangkalan Brandan, he noted.

"No casualties were reported in the disaster. All the fishermen have returned to their respective homes," he added.

The police officers had warned the traditional fishermen to be cautious as the extreme weather had caused huge waves in the waters off the coast of Langkat.(*)

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