Malaysia: Carcass on Terengganu beach was of Melon Headed Whale

ZARINA ABDULLAH New Straits Times 31 Jan 16;

KUALA TERENGGANU: The carcass of a sea creature found at Kampung Beting Lintang beach last Thursday has been identified as a Melon Headed Whale.

State Fishery Department director Abdul Khalil Abdul Karim said their checks showed that the whale died in the ocean and had washed up on the beach following recent rough sea conditions.

The carcass was spotted on the beach by villagers.

"It was nearly decomposed, making it hard for our researchers to check," he said when contacted.

Abdul Khalil said the animal carcass, measuring about 6.8 metres, was buried on Friday afternoon.

"It was learnt that the whale was moving with a pod but became separated, and it later died," he said.

On Thursday, the State Fishery Department had dispatched a team of researchers to determine whether the animal carcass found at Kampung Beting Lintang beach was that of a whale.

The picture of the partly decomposed animal went viral after it was photographed on the beach near Kampung Beting Lintang.

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