Indonesia: Thousands face food shortage in Wonogiri

The Jakarta Post 16 Mar 16;

Thousands of people in three villages in Paranggupito district, Wonogiri, Central Java, have been suffering from food shortages caused by a lack of water from low rainfall in the area.

Haryanto, the district chief, said Tuesday the three villages were Gudangharjo, Songbledek and Gunturharjo.

“The rain came late in southern Wonogori. While other areas are in the peak season for rain, here in Paranggupito the rain did not fall every week. Once there was even no rain at all in 14 days,” the Haryanto said.

He said he had asked the government for help since the harvest in the district was not sufficient for the residents’ needs.

Meanwhile, Songbledek village head Sutoto said about 5,000 residents in the village needed food aid since they had failed to harvest their paddy and corn plants because of the lack of water.

“The number of people suffering a food shortage could reach 15,000 if we include other villages,” Sutoto said.

He said rain rarely fell in his village and there was even no rain at all for three weeks in January.

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