Malaysia: As heat wave persists, parents install fans, air conditioners in schools

C. PREMANANTHINI New Straits Times 23 Mar 16;

SHAH ALAM: Following El Nino and the heat wave that has affected the country, parents here have taken measures to ensure their children are comfortable in school.

A check at several schools revealed that some schools had been equipped with additional fans, air-conditioners as well as water station in their canteens.

In Shah Alam, Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Jelutong had additional fans placed in several classrooms.

A spokesperson said the fans was sponsored by the parents, along with an air-conditioner for one of the classrooms.

In Klang, a spokesperson for SK Bukit Kapar said a water station had been set up in the canteen during the school holidays.

"With the help of the parent-teacher association (PIBG), we installed a water station.

On Sunday we informed our teachers to gather information on the El Nino and its effects and about heatstroke and how to overcome it.

"The next day, we briefed our students about the El Nino phenomenon and made sure that they drank two litres of water a day to overcome the heat," she said.

Though outdoor activities are postponed temporarily, she said, indoor activities such as clubs and association are ongoing as usual.

Meanwhile, while Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang was not able to provide any additional facilities to help overcome the heat, the school made an exception for its students.

Their students are allowed to wear school t-shirts to school to beat the heat.

"We requested several times for the installation of fans in our classrooms but to no avail due to a lack of budget," she said.

Meanwhile, Selangor Education Department director Zainuren Md Nor said some 930 schools in the whole of Selangor had been issued circulars to temporarily postpone outdoor activities.

Back to schools nationwide but off the fields
The Star 24 Mar 16;

PETALING JAYA: Schools in Perlis and Kedah, which were closed due to the heatwave, will resume classes today but outdoor activities are still suspended.

The Education Ministry said in a statement that all schools nationwide would resume lessons as temperatures had dropped.

It said the decision was made as the temperature over the last 72 hours was below 38°C.

The ministry also issued a directive for all schools to take precautionary measures such as ensuring that there was adequate supply of clean drinking water.

State Education Departments and district education offices were to monitor all schools to ensure that they followed the directive, it said.

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