Riau Governor Says Singapore Should Not Worry About Haze

Tempo 15 Mar 16;

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Acting Governor of Riau Arsyadjuliandi Rachman, guaranteed that residual haze originated from forest fires in the region will no longer affect Singapore. Arsyadjuliandi said that authorities have successfully dealt with forest fires previously occurred on the eastern coast of Riau.

"Singapore should not worry, coordination to mitigate forest fire is better compared to previous years," said Arsyadjuliandi, after welcoming members of the Singaporean consulate in his office on Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Aryadjuliandi explained that the Singapore consulate met with the city administration to discuss land and forest fire prevention.

Arsyadjuliandi explained to the consulates that the fires in eastern coast of Riau had been successfully handled. The city administration had moved in quickly to perform countermeasures, extinguishing the fires


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