ASEAN haze website hacked

"We didn’t harm your site! Just deface (sic)," wrote a team of hackers calling themselves Muster BD, apparently from Bangladesh.
Channel NewsAsia 1 Apr 16;

SINGAPORE: A website on the transboundary haze issue by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was inaccessible on Friday (Apr 1) after being apparently hacked by a group called Muster BD.

A message on the main page indicates that it is in "maintenance mode". “Sorry for the inconvenience. Our website is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance. Thank you for your understanding," it stated.

A check of the cached page reveals more information. “Your site’s security is good but not enough to stop #Muster BD. We didn’t harm your site! Just deface (sic),” a message reads. It was accompanied by a logo that read "BD_Level_7 Team: Bangladesh_Level_Seven Hackers".

It was preceded by a scrolling message that said "Security doesn't exist our dictionary (sic)".

The website later became accessible. However, no explanation about the incident has been provided.

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