Indonesia: Only 150 Sumatran elephants remain in Jambi

Antara 15 Apr 16;

Jambi (ANTARA News) - The population of wild Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximum Sumatranus) in Jambi has plunged to only 150, according to a survey of the Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Office (BKSDA).

The population might further decrease due to the rampant poaching of elephants for ivory in Jambi, Syahimin, the Jambi BKSDA chief, stated here, Thursday.

The average life expectancy of Sumatran elephants is some 60 years.

Since 2013, seven elephant poaching cases have come to light, but only one case was successfully solved, and the poachers were detained.

One elephant was recently found dead with its ivory missing in Tebo District, Jambi Province. In connection with the case, two people were arrested, while three others are still at large.(*)

Police arrest elephant poachers in Jambi
Jakarta Post 14 Apr 16;

Jambi Police have apprehended Suk, alias Pakde Cecep, 71, and EJ, 43, of Sumai, Tebo regency, Jambi, for elephant poaching. The protected animal was shot with a homemade firearm.

After the elephant died, the poachers stole the tusks and sold them for tens of millions of rupiah per kilogram.

The crime was revealed thanks to a report from residents who found the carcass of the elephant in the area. The police and a team from the Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) then pursued the perpetrators.

The police also seized the elephant skull and a pair of tusks, measuring 40 cm and 90 cm in length, and weighing 9 kilograms each. Pakde initially intended to sell the tusks to a buyer at Rp 12 million (US$900) per kilogram.

The police also seized rounds of ammunition and several sharp weapons. Jambi Police chief Brig. Gen. Musyafak said that based on the police’s investigation, more people were involved in the crime. “We already know their identities and we are pursuing them,” said Musyafak.

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