Malaysia: Elephants destroy more than 2,000 banana trees in Baling

BERNAMA New Straits Times 30 May 16;

BALING: More than 2,000 banana trees that were already bearing fruit have been destroyed by elephants roaming near Kampung Batu 8.

Villagers are getting anxious as the wild animals which also destroyed almost 1,000 oil palm trees had been seen to be approaching the residence particularly around midnight.

“Despite lodging a report, no action has been taken by the authorities including the Department of Wildlife and National Parks.

Farmer Yahya Mat Isa, 55, said 200 of his banana trees had been destroyed by elephants in the past three months.

“I don’t dare to take any action except report the matter to the authorities,” he said.

Another farmer Yaakub Saad, 67, concurred that there had been no action or compensation from the relevant authorities for their losses following the destruction by the elephants.

“Some parties suggested that we have no right to seek compensation as the crops were planted on government land.

But we have not received any even though the land belonged to us,” he lamented.

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