Vietnam: Coastal erosion threatens southern province

Gia Bach, Thanh Nien News 8 Jul 16;

Vietnam UNESCO heritage threatened by erosion as dams stop sedimentation
Ca Mau authorities on Wednesday issued erosion warnings after the country's southernmost province lost a vast area of coastal land.

The new warnings are for 32 kilometers of coastline in Tran Van Thoi and U Minh Districts.

The province has lost nearly 305 hectares of land annually in recent years due to erosion that reaches as far as 50 meters into the land.

Nguyen Van Hieu, a local resident, said many areas of protected forest near his house have collapsed into the sea.

He said strong waves are now eroding the shore day and night.

To Quoc Nam, deputy director of Ca Mau Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said the major reason of erosion is a combination of high tides and rough seas.

“We are rushing to repair seriously damaged sections to prevent the embankment from collapsing,” he said.

“With 252 kilometers of coastline, Ca Mau is vulnerable to erosion. If the embankment collapses, seawater will intrude into inland rice fields,” he said.

Tran Quoc Nam, deputy director of Ca Mau's Irrigation Agency, said it is now important to plant more trees to protect the land and end illegal construction activities.

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