Malaysia: Slight relief as downpour increases water level at Congok Dam

HALIM SAID New Straits Times 29 Aug 16;

MERSING: The water level at the Congok Dam today showed a slight increase after a downpour last night, the first in the last two months.

The rain, which lasted around 20 minutes, increased the dam's water level by 0.12m, with the dam's current level now at 2.62m.

However this is still way below its critical level of 3.50m. Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) Holdings Sdn Bhd general manager for production and distribution, Elias Ismail, confirmed the slight rise in the water level.

He said the dam and also the Tenglu Water Treatment Plant are both still in operation but running at minimal production.

"The rationing exercise is also continuing but with a slight change to several areas, where certain areas in the district are given six hours to stock up water instead of the previous 24-hour period," he said.

The areas affected by the change in scheduled water supply are Taman Nakhoda, Mersing town, Air Puteri and Taman Sri Mersing, which are scheduled to get water from 10am to 4pm.

Jalan Mahkota, Rumah Kilat and Mersing Kecil will get water supply between 5pm and 11pm.

He said the reason for cutting the distribution time at the selected areas was due to low production at Tenglu plant, as the dam reserves have dropped drastically.

"We also are deploying our reserved treated water through water tankers to areas which get low water supply at remote areas or on higher ground," he said.

He said SAJ is working hard to ensure that water supply to all residents will not be disrupted.

"We have more than 30 staff in Mersing alone who are working rigorously to ensure water supply reaches the user," he said.

SAJ supplies treated water to 82,000 account holders and 140,000 users in the district.

Scheduled water supply to end on Sept 15 but depends on level at Congok dam

JOHOR BARU: Scheduled water supply to some areas in Mersing which has been prolonged for the past four months is expected to end by Sept 15 but is subject to the water level recorded at Congok dam.

SAJ Holdings Sdn Bhd chief executive officer Abdul Wahab Abdul Hamid said the Congok dam, which was the source of raw water for Tenglu water treatment plant (LTA) could not accommodate the needs of the plant.

He said that Sungai Mersing, which supplied raw water to Sungai Mersing LTA, that also helped to cater to the Tenglu LTA, was also facing the same problem as Congok dam, with water level at a critical point.

“As of Aug 25, the water level at Congok dam recorded at 2.7m compared to its critical level of 4.5m where it will decrease at about 0.04m per day.

“The scheduled water supply for several parts of Mersing affected some 8,200 accounts where it was scheduled to be two days without water supply and one day with water supply, alternately since April 20, 2016,” he said in a statement here on Thursday.

He added that the frequency period would depend on the river’s and dam’s current situation, which were deteriorating at the moment due to the zero rainfalls in the area recently.

Abdul Wahab said following the matter, the affected residents might only receive less water supply, which could not cater to their 24-hour usage.

“The condition of both sources for raw water is unstable and we are trying our best to distribute the limited treated water to all affected residents through pipes or the water tankers.

“We have also provided a total of 85 static water tanks and nine water tank lorries to help cater to the needs of those affected.

“We will give priority to dialysis centres, hospitals, school hostels and for festivities,” he added.

He also urged consumers to store sufficient water and use it wisely.

For details, call 1-800-88-7474 (SAJ Info Centre), SMS to 019-772 7474 or email

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