Malaysia: Bad weather a thorn in their side

RAHMAH GHAZALI The Star 15 Sep 16;

PETALING JAYA: Erratic weather and low production mean that this has not been a fruitful season for durian sellers.

Ong Sim Lim, who helps run Donald’s Durian in Section 19 here, said a major factor affecting them was the weather, which could go from hot to cool within a short time.

“The weather has been crazy and this can also affect the quality and texture of the durian. Because of this, the fruits are fewer,” he said.

Ong, who has been in the business for 20 years, said there were fewer fruits available because suppliers preferred to export the durians to countries like China and Indonesia.

“We definitely made more (money last year). This year, our profit has dropped by about at least 30%.

“And it is hard to say what it will be like next year,” he told The Star.

This year, the price of the Musang King is RM45.50 per kilo, up from RM38 last year.

Another durian seller Faizal Safrizal said he could not sell durians this week as there was no stock available.

“Business has been particularly slow this year, maybe due to the weather,” he said.

Aiming to continue his business in Sepang next week, the 36-year-old said he usually got his supply from Johor and Pahang.

“But many trees did not bear fruits there. In every acre, only about five trees produced fruits,” he said.

The popular Bao Sheng Durian Farm in Penang has stopped selling durians as it is no longer in season.

“The durian season in Penang is different from other states,” said Zhang Zhi Vooi, the owner’s son.

“It usually starts in May until end of August. We never eat durian in September here,” he added. He said tourists were left disappointed when they were told that the durians were no longer in stock.

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