Malaysia: Cloud seeding to be conducted in Negri Sembilan

The Star 29 Oct 16;

SEREMBAN: Negri Sembilan will conduct cloud seeding to raise the water level in dams and rivers in the state, said its Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan (pic).

He said the state disaster management committee had been instructed to discuss the matter and the Meterological Department had agreed to conduct cloud seeding in Jelebu, Kuala Pilah, Jempol and Tampin.

"At present, we have the right type of clouds, cumulonimbus for cloud seeding and therefore it should be done.

"After that I hope it rains heavily, especially in these areas which are upstream," he told reporters after the Deepavali open house hosted by National MIC information chief Datuk V.S. Mogan here Saturday.

He also said the disaster management committee was in the process of studying proposals to have water rationing if the water level continued to decrease. - Bernama

N. Sembilan MB urges mosques to pray for rain as drought takes its toll
NUR AQIDAH AZIZI New Straits Times 29 Oct 16;

SEREMBAN: The state government has urged all mosques in the state to hold special prayers for rain, as water levels in rivers across Negri Sembilan continue to drop amidst a lingering dry spell.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan said the current rainfall could only provide 50 per cent of the water source for the rivers.

“We have been asking all mosques to hold prayers since last week, and Alhamdulillah, it has rained for the past few days,” said Mohamad.

He said the state Disaster Management Committee will also be conducting cloud seeding operations across the state, including in Kuala Pilah, Jelebu, Jempol and Tampin.

“Current weather conditions are not too dry, which is suitable for cloud seeding. We hope the plan can be conducted soon, and that it will help produce heavy rainfall in the affected areas,” he said. M

ohamad added that the state government’s plan to implement water rationing could be put on hold if the cloud seeding operation is successful.

“In case the operation fails, we have to proceed with water rationing. We do not want to burden the people here, but we will be facing a bigger problem if we don’t take any action. Let’s use water wisely,” he said.

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