Malaysia: Johor tells residents in 12 coastal areas to prepare for high tide phenomenon

AHMAD FAIRUZ OTHMAN New Straits Times 6 Oct 16;

JOHOR BARU: The Johor government has urged residents in 12 coastal areas to take precaution during the forecasted high tide this mid-October.

Johor Health and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said the state branch of the Malaysian Meteorological Department revealed a possibility of water levels reaching 3.9m-high in certain areas between Oct 16 to 20.

He said flooding could occur if there were thunderstorms and strong winds at the same time.

He said the high tide was brought by the perigee, in which the moon is closest to the earth.

"If there are thunderstorms and strong winds during that period, it could cause coastal areas in Johor to be flooded.

"I advise residents in coastal areas to take precaution, to be careful and to keep themselves updated with weather changes.

"Recreational activities at coastal areas should be avoided during that period," said Ayub in a statement.

He said the areas expected to experience high tide included Johor Baru's coastal area, which may record water levels of up to 3.9m.

The other areas are Tanjung Langsat (up to 3.5m), Tanjung Pelepas (up to 3.5m), Pasir Gudang (up to 3.5m), Tanjung Pelepas (up to 3.5m), Pasir Gudang (up to 3.5m), Pulau Pisang (up to 3.5m), Endau coastal area ( up to 3.4m), Sungai Belungkor (up to 3.3m), Kuala Batu Pahat (up to 3.2m), Mersing (up to 3.2m), and Tanjung Sedili (below 3m).

Highest tide to strike Kuala Perlis on Oct 18
BERNAMA New Straits Times 10 Oct 16;

KUALA PERLIS: Residents in coastal areas here are advised to be on alert on weather developments and adhere to the directives from the authorities as the high tide phenomenon occurring in the state is expected to breach its highest level on Oct 18.

National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) deputy director-general Datuk Muhammad Yusoff Wazir said the phenomenon was also expected to cause the sea level to rise up to 3.6 metres between Oct 17 and 19.

“The 2016 Malaysian Tide Schedule issued by the Royal Malaysian Navy (TLDM) National Hydrographic Centre expects the highest tide to occur at 1.38 am on Oct 18, and it is hoped that the condition will not be worsened by the presence of strong winds.

“What’s important is that the residents must act swiftly upon receiving directives from the authorities, especially if the directive is for them to be evacuated to temporary relief centre,” he said when contacted by Bernama here today. –- BERNAMA

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