Malaysia: High tides expected in Johor next week

NABILA AHMAD The Star 12 Nov 16;

JOHOR BARU: Residents in Johor have been warned of possible high tides next week because of perigee, a phenomenon where the moon is closest to the Earth.

Johor Health and Environment committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said that the Super moon would occur on Nov 14 at around 7.24pm followed by the full moon phenomenon at 9.54pm on the same night.

He said the possible high tide is expected to happen at several areas of Johor Baru's coast on Nov 16 and 17, reaching up to 3.2m high.

“However, the water level is not expected to reach as high as 3.8m like the previous high tide phenomenon on Oct 16 to Oct 20,” he said in a statement on Saturday.

He added that the Civil Defence Department (APM) as well as other agencies had been urged to be on alert and to standby for any possible incidents that could occur.

“Members of the public are advised to not believe unverified news on social media regarding the high tides and the Super moon phenomenon,” he said.

Ayub said that according to National Space Agency (Angkasa), the Super moon phenomenon previously occurred in May 2012, June 2013, Aug 2014 and Sept 2015.

He said that this year however, the moon is expected to be the closest to the Earth in 68 years.

“It is also predicted that the moon will be the nearest to the Earth again 18 years from now,” he said.

High tide phenomenon to hit Selangor
The Star 12 Nov 16;

SHAH ALAM: The high tide phenomenon is expected to recur over coastal areas in Selangor for five days beginning Monday with sea water levels projected to reach up to 5.6m.

The Selangor State Disaster Management Unit said in a statement yesterday that the risk of floods could also increase in the areas in the event of heavy rain and strong winds during that period.

“People living in high-risk areas such as Klang, Kuala Langat, Sepang, Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam are urged to adhere to the instructions of the local authorities and be ready to be evacuated to the nearby relief centres which will be opened at 2pm tomorrow,” the statement said.

Last month, several states including Selangor and Perak were hit by floods due to the high tide phenomenon. — Bernama

Selangor tells coastal area residents to brace for 'super tide' phenomenon
HARIZ MOHD New Straits Times 11 Nov 16;

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government has issued a warning for residents of coastal areas in five districts to brace for another wave of the ‘super tide’ phenomenon next week.

The unusual high tide is forecast to begin starting this Monday until next Friday, with sea water levels expected to reach up to 5.6 metres in height.

Districts expected to be affected by the phenomenon are Klang, Kuala Langat, Sepang, Kuala Selangor and Sabak Bernam.

In a statement today, the Selangor state secretariat said it has ordered the authorities and state government agencies to be prepared for possible floods, which can occur if the phenomenon coincides with heavy rain and strong wind.

"The state government advises residents at high-risk areas in Klang and Sabak Bernam to heed authorities’ orders and take precautionary measures.

"These include registering and evacuating to temporary shelters that will be opened starting 2pm on Nov 13," read the statement.

In a list attached with the statement, the state government listed four areas in Klang and Sabak Bernam as red zones (high risk), while six areas in Kuala Selangor, Sepang and Kuala Langat as yellow zones.

ed zones: Kampung Tok Muda and Batu 5 Kapar in Klang; Kampung Sungai Air Tawar and Tebuk Mendeling (Sabak Bernam).

Yellow zones: Kuala Selangor (Pasir Penambang, Bagan Pasir and Pantai Remis); Sepang (Bagan Lalang coastal area); and Kuala Langat (Kelanang Beach and Tanjung Sepat coastal area).

Govt agencies on watch for king tides amid lunar event
The Star 14 Nov 16;

IPOH: All relevant government agencies have been told to be vigilant as the next bout of king tides associated with the supermoon is expected from today.

Perak Disaster Management Committee secretary Kol Mohd Noor Hassan Ashari Sulaiman said its district secretariat committees, Civil Defence Department, Fire and Rescue Department, Welfare Department, and others were told to prepare for emergency situations.

“We have instructed Civil Defence personnel, firemen and Rela teams to work with village development and security committees to conduct patrols every four hours at risk-prone areas.

“The Welfare Department should be prepared to open shelters,” he said, adding that the monsoon season was in effect.

The north-east monsoon typically starts in early November and ends in March.

The flood-risk areas that have been identified include Hulu Perak, Kerian, Larut Matang and Selama, Manjung, Perak Tengah, Hilir Perak and Bagan Datoh.

Mohd Noor Hassan said the king tide phenomenon was forecast to occur between today and Nov 21, when the tide could rise as high as 3.5m.

The last round of king tides happened in mid-October.

In Penang, the authorities around the coastal and low-lying areas were on high alert.

George Town OCPD Asst Comm Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said police teams were on standby in areas such as Jalan P. Ramlee, Jalan Air Itam and the inner city.

“We do not want to be caught off- guard because the tides will be higher than usual due to the supermoon,” he said.

He urged those living in low-lying areas to heed evacuation orders if these were given.

Penang has been hit by flash floods and landslides four times in recent weeks.

In Johor Baru, State Health and Environment Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said the state government was keeping a close watch on the weather.

He said sea levels along the coastline could rise to 3.2m on Wed­nesday and Thursday due to the higher gravitational pull from the moon being nearer to the Earth.

“In the last couple of days, there have been downpours in the state and despite sea levels staying normal, the state government does not want to take any risk with floods.

“I have ordered the relevant agencies to be prepared,” he told reporters after launching the Sungai Skudai mini-carnival yesterday.

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