Malaysia, Sarawak: Report sightings of crocs, don't take matters into your own hands

ADIB POVERA New Straits Times 9 Dec 16;

KUCHING: People in Sarawak have been advised to stop taking matters into their hands, especially in the case of crocodile invading their villages or housing estates. They should instead report these sightings to the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).

SFC has assured the people that they will respond immediately to these reports.

The corporation, in a statement today, expressed its concern on the shooting of two crocodiles by villagers in Miri on Sunday.

“The villagers had taken matters into their own hands, citing protection of their poultry as justification.

“Since crocodiles are listed as protected species under the Wild Life Protection Ordinance 1998, we strongly urged the public to report sightings of rogue and nuisance crocodiles to the (Sarawak) Forest Department or SFC office,” the statement read.

SFC also said in the statement that its Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) had caught a 4.4 metre-long crocodile from the waters of Sungai Kelulut at Bekenu near Miri yesterday.

The SWAT team was despatched to the area following reports of crocodile sightings by villagers in Kampung Pejuang.

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