Indonesia: Blossoming Rafflesias hoped to attract tourists to Bengkulu

The Jakarta Post 16 Jan 17;

Rare flower enthusiasts have urged tourists to visit Bengkulu National Park in Bengkulu province following the blossoming of the Rafflesia arnoldii and Rafflesia gadutensis flowers.

“January to March is the ideal time to see Rafflesia arnoldii and Rafflesia gadutensis in their habitat in Bengkulu forest,” said Rare Flower Concerned Community (KPPL) coordinator Sofian Ramadhan, after explaining that seven of the rare flowers started blossoming at four locations within the national park on Monday.

Five Rafflesia gadutensis blossomed at Bukit Daun National Park in northern Bengkulu, popular with tourists for its Palak Siring waterfall. While two blossoming Rafflesia arnoldii could be found at the same park in Central Bengkulu regency and Kapahiang regency.

Based on Bengkulu KPPL data collection since 2010, the blossoming period of the rare flowers was between December and March, Sofian said as quoted by Antara news agency.

The flowers blossom only for three days.

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