Malaysia: Hulu Terengganu residents reel from "worst monsoon season in living memory"

BERNAMA New Straits Times 23 Jan 17;

KUALA BERANG: For local residents here who have been hit by three major floods in just one month, this is the worst monsoon season ever experienced in Hulu Terengganu.

Yunoh Arif, 67, from Kampung Tok Lawit, said previously, there were only two waves of floods, but this year, there were three, forcing him to move for the third time on Saturday.

"As far as I can remember, from the time I was a child we have never been hit three times over one month. Twice over one month or two months was normal," he said when met at the Tok Lawit flood relief centre here yesterday.

"It is tiring having to move and shift heavy items to higher ground. And when the floods have receded, there is the massive clean-up.

Fortunately I have my grandchildren to help me," he said. Semek Mohamad, 51 from Kampung Nibong, said the floods which hit this time was exceptional.

"In 1986, it was bad... it was a big flood, but it hit us only once that year.

"But this year, we have to leave our homes three times... this is really a test on us," she said. Another victim, Latifah Mohd Arif, 33, from Kampung Kuala Ping, said she was relieved when the weather was hot and sunny after the second floods, but sadly, it rained heavily again and once again, her house was inundated.

"This is such a challenging time for me, as it is difficult to keep shifting with a three-month-old baby to take care of," said Latifah, who had to leave her house at 5am on Saturday. - BERNAMA

National flood update: Evacuee numbers drop in Kelantan, T'ganu, rise in Sabah
BERNAMA New Straits Times 22 Jan 17;

KOTA BHARU: The number of flood victims in Kelantan dropped to 10,126 people from 2,846 families as of 5pm today, from 11,654 people from 3,300 families at 1pm.

Based on the Social Welfare Department's 'Infobanjir' application, all evacuees are currently housed at 57 relief centres in seven districts in the state.

A total of 5,113 people from 1,363 families are taking shelter at 23 relief centres in Kota Bharu, and 2,520 from 689 families are at 10 relief centres in Pasir Puteh.

In Pasir Mas, 19 relief centres were opened to house 1,785 victims from 600 families, while Bachok recorded 522 victims from 141 families at one relief centre.

Machang has 122 victims from 35 families in one centre, while Tanah Merah’s centre houses 18 victims from six families. Kuala Krai has 46 people from 12 families at two relief centres.

Three relief centres in Tumpat, which this afternoon housed 1,171 victims from 340 families were closed after all evacuees were allowed to return home.

According to Kelantan's 'ebanjir' portal, the water level at Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang rose to 10.16 metres at 5pm, compared to 10.06 metres at noon. The danger level for the river is at 9.0 metres.


In Terengganu, the flood situation continues to improve, with the number of evacuees declining to 1,470 as at 6pm from 2,917 at noon.

Twenty-eight relief centres are housing 427 families in five districts in the state.

In Besut, 387 evacuees from 92 families are still at five relief centres as at 6pm, down from 735 people (170 families) at noon.

In Setiu, 179 flood victims from 41 families are still taking shelter at four relief centres, down from 836 (from 217 families) at noon.

The flood situation in Hulu Terengganu improved a little, with 666 victims (from 240 families) at relief centres in the evening, compared to 1,203 people (from 431 families) at noon.

In Dungun, 34 people (from 10 families) are still taking shelter at four relief centres.

However, in Kemaman, there was a slight increase to 204 evacuees (from 44 families) at relief centres.

The Drainage and Irrigation Department, through its website, reports that only one river, Sungai Dungun at Kuala Jengai, is above the danger level, with a reading of 23.07 metres, but still a drop from 23.34 metres recorded at noon today (the danger level is 21 metres).

Three rivers in three districts which recorded readings above their danger levels at noon are now just above the warning levels.

The three rivers are Sungai Telemong at Kuala Ping in Hulu Terengganu, Sungai Nerus at Kampung Langkap in Setiu and Sungai Tebak di Kemaman.


In Sabah, the number of flood victims at five relief centres - including two opened today - in three districts, rose to 514 people from 143 families as at 4pm.

Sabah State Disaster Management Committee (JPBN) secretariat chief, Col Mulliadi Al-Hamdi Ladin, said 346 victims from 82 families in the district of Kota Marudu are still at SK Taritipan, while 35 people are at the Damai Agricultural Training Centre's hall, which was reopened today after closing on Jan 20.

Thirty-nine flood victims from 11 families in Paitan, a sub-district of Beluran, are still housed at the Kampung Binsulung hall.

In the district of Pitas, 35 victims from seven families are still at SK Salimpodon, while another 59 from 18 families are at SK Rukom. - BERNAMA

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