Malaysia: Sabah floods worsen as high tide raise river levels

OLIVIA MIWIL New Straits Times 19 Jan 17;

KOTA MARUDU: There are 2,750 flood victims from 843 families taking shelter at 11 temporary relief centres here as of 7am.

Malaysian Civil Defence Force state director Colonel Muliadi Al-Hamdi said the flood here since Tuesday has affected 18 villages, including Kampung Longob, Kampung Bengkongan, Kg Talantang 1, Kg Mosolog, Kg Magaratong, Kg Rakit, Kg Morion, Kg Piso, Kg Salimandut, Kg Tandek, Kg Asin-Asin, Kg Lotong, Kg Parong, Kg Goruntung, Kg Hatob and Kg Sumbilingon. Schools and multipurpose halls are being used as shelters for evacuees.

“Water at Sungai Bongon has risen to the alert level at 7.5 meters, while Sungai Bandau, at 8.05 metres, has breached the dangerous level.

“Rain stopped at noon yesterday, but water levels increase due to the high tide,” he said in a statement.

Five roads at Kg Beliajung, Kg Longob, Kg Damai, Kg Teritipan and Kg Tandek are still submerged.

There are 50 police officers, 30 firemen, 50 civil defence personnel, and three officers each from the Public Works Department and the Sabah Water Department monitoring the situation and assisting evacuees.

Meanwhile, in Pitas, six villages, namely Kg Sibaung, Kg Pandan, Kg Pandan Mendamai, Kg Pinapak, Kg Perupuk and Kg Nibang are still affected by floodwaters.

Seventy-seven victims, including 11 infants from Kampung Sibaung, have been placed at Sk Pekan 2 Pitas.

The water at Sungai Kebatasan is at 6.07 meters, while Sungai Bengkoka is at 4 meters – both having breached danger levels.

Four roads at Kg Merisimsim, Kg Salimpodon Darat, Kg Sibaung and Kg Pandan Mendamai are submerged in waters of between 0.1 and 0.5 meter.

River levels hold steady in Sabah's flood-hit northern districts
STEPHANIE LEE The Star 19 Jan 17;

KOTA KINABALU: River waters in Sabah’s northern Kota Marudu and Pitas districts remain at dangerous and warning levels as at noon Thursday though rains ceased few hours earlier.

There are still over 2,880 villagers from 900 families at the 11 temporary shelters opened up in various locations in Kota Marudu as their houses are inundated in flood waters.

Seven roads – Jalan Kg Beliajung, Kg Longob, Kg Damai, Kg Teritipan and Kg Tandek and the Jalan Popol and Langkon roundabouts – are still flooded but vehicles can now pass through them.

In Pitas, six villages are still flooded and 77 villagers from 26 households are staying in temporary shelters.

Sabah Civil Defence Department director Kol Mulliadi Al-Hamdi Ladin said 24 villages in the two districts were hit by floods on Wednesday following overnight downpours.

“We are monitoring river levels and doing our best to ensure that affected villagers are moved to higher ground,” he said.

He also called for donations in terms of food and drinks among other essential items to be made if the situation worsens.

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