Indonesia: Floods claim four lives in Jambi

Antara 21 Mar 17;

Jambi (ANTARA News) - Floods caused by an overflowing river in Jambi Province from Feb 27 to March 20, 2017, have claimed at least four lives and forced thousands to evacuate.

The Head of Preparedness Sector for Jambi Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency Dalmanto stated here on Monday that the casualties were from four areas in the province such as Bungo, Merangin, Muarojambi, and Jambi City.

The floods that occurred in nine districts inundated 38,286 houses.

According to Dalmanto, the disaster forced 134,041 people to evacuate to safe areas nearby.

The agency noted that some public facilities in Jambi were also submerged, including 22 healthcare centers, 86 educational buildings, 33 worship houses, and two administration offices, as well as 10 bridges and 17 streets.

"The floods occurred due to the intensity of the rain since Feb 28. It caused the rivers to overflow," Dalmanto noted.

The local administration has deployed a quick response team to assist people in evacuating their residences and moving to safer areas.

The joint team, including police, Indonesian Military personnel, health service personnel, and social service personnel, were also deployed in the flood-hit areas.

The local administration keeps monitoring the condition of each district due to the high precipitation.

Some parts of Sumatra Island are also experiencing high level of precipitation in recent weeks.

The North Sumatra administration has also urged people to be wary of the high precipitation that may cause rivers to overflow and lead to floods.

The Head of South Labuhanbatu Regional Disaster Mitigation Agency Khairil remarked that the area was prone to flood disaster due to the overflowing of River Barumun.

He urged residents living near the river to be alert of the overflowing river and flashfloods.

The administration has also prepared some emergency facilities, including evacuation tents, electricity generators, and inflatable boats. (*)

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