Indonesia: Rp 13b allocated to tackle drought in Wonogiri

Ganug Nugroho Adi The Jakarta Post 18 May 17;

An extended drought that hit the southern part of Wonogiri, Central Java, in March has triggered a clean water crisis, forcing the regency administration to allocate Rp 13.3 billion (US$997,226.02) of its annual budget to assist in drought response efforts.

The funds will be allocated toward the rehabilitation and maintenance of artificial lakes (embung), the procurement of clean water infrastructure facilities and improving sanitation.

Wonogiri regent Joko “Jekek” Sutopo said he made the decision to allocate Rp 13.3 billion of the annual budget because programs conducted by the regency’s previous administrations did not provide permanent solutions.

“During dry seasons, local residents depend on water delivered in tanks emblazoned with pictures of people who provide them. I don't think that's the solution. So starting from this year, the Wonogiri administration will allocate money toward tackling droughts.”

Three districts, namely Eromoko, Giritontro and Paranggupito, are the most affected areas in southern Wonogiri.

Jekek said surveys would be conducted continually in areas worst hit by droughts and a team would search for alternative raw water sources in the affected areas.

“If during the surveys we find raw water potentials, we will allocate parts of the budget to access the water so that residents in those areas no longer have to depend on water tanks during drought seasons,” said Jekek. (ebf)

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