Best of our wild blogs: 18 Apr 08

What's wrong with an Ubin-Tekong reservoir?
on the Pulau Ubin Stories blog

Ode to Cyrene
reef in poetry on the colourful clouds blog part of the cyrene blogging carnival.

Rock filling near Cyrene with holding area off Labrador Nature Reserve from an MPA notice on the wildfilms blog

Octopus antics on Singapore shores
more about this marvellous mollusc on the singapore celebrates our reefs blog

Snail snacking Sibia
on the bird ecology blog

Monkey Poem
on the budak blog

Javan Pond Heron in flight
on the Bird Ecology Study Group blog

Book Review: Stirring It Up
by Gary Hirshberg on the AsiaIsGreen blog

Roadkill is 93% amphibian
on the New Scientist Environment blog