The leaders of tomorrow would kill all insects and ban all exams

Esther Ng Today Online 12 Jan 10;

SINGAPORE - If they had their way - and the job of the Prime Minister - there would be more theme parks and peanut butter factories. But all insects would be killed.

These are among the first things children would do if they were given the top job here. Other priorities include saving our coral reefs, ensuring everyone has a job and banning all exams.

The question of what they would do if they became PM was part of an annual survey of children living here, conducted in November and December by staffing services company Adecco Singapore.

Aged between seven and 14, 50 kids were asked five questions, and for the second year running, the same answer emerged on what the "coolest" job is: Being a lawyer.

Becoming a doctor, a teacher or joining the police force were the other popular selections, while being a Formula 1 driver was among the creative choices.

One respondent hoped to earn $10 a month as a dancer, another wanted to be a food critic to receive "free food", while one child said being a Deep Space Researcher was the best job, since "space has no boundaries".

Given a choice between money and family, 93 per cent - five percentage points more than last year - said it was more important to spend time with loved ones than to make big bucks.

"Children in Singapore sometimes get criticised for being too materialistic, although we're pleased to say that our survey has shown otherwise," said Adecco South East Asia regional director Lynne Ng.