Weekend crowds flock back to Singapore beaches

Surekha A Yadav Channel NewsAsia 5 Jun 10;

SINGAPORE : It is business as usual at the beaches that were hit by an oil spill off Singapore's shores on May 25.

At East Coast beach, many hit the water, after having stayed away during the cleanup work.

The weekend crowd returned after the National Environment Agency gave the all-clear and declared the water safe for beach-goers.

Many found the beach clean.

Even though the authorities had said some tar balls could wash up on the shoreline, no one appeared to have come across any.

One person said: "It is quite safe. You can see for yourself. The last few days, no people came here. But, now it is okay."

Another commented: "I believe it is safe...definitely. I believe the authorities will handle the situation quite well - as long as it is clear, I believe it is okay to swim."

A third noted: "It looks okay, but you never know. I am not taking the risk. My children are only playing on the sand." - CNA/ms