Faber access road: Joint effort by agencies to minimise environmental impact

Straits Times Forum 18 Mar 11;

WE THANK Ms Bhavani Prakash for her feedback ('Don't cut a road across the green corridor'; March 8).

We understand the concerns that the construction of the new access road into the Faber area could affect the environment. The Land Transport Authority (LTA) had taken this into consideration when planning this new access road.

We are working closely with the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) and National Parks Board (NParks) to minimise any impact on the existing environment and the number of trees affected.

This includes planting a dense row of trees along the new stretch of road.

NParks is also selecting the appropriate species of trees which not only provide shade but also attract birdlife.

We have taken a holistic approach in ensuring a quality living environment. It includes having not just a green environment but also a congestion-free one. The new access road is important in ensuring that the living environment is not affected as traffic increases in the future due to new housing developments in the area.

Prior to the start of this project, LTA had consulted the adviser and members of the neighbourhood committee, grassroots leaders and residents on the new road at various dialogues. As in many things, there are difficult trade-offs to be made and this access road is necessary for the wider public interest.

Helen Lim (Ms)
Deputy Director, Media Relations
Land Transport Authority