Best of our wild blogs: 30 Aug 11

Paint along with Pui San 25 Sep
from Art in Wetlands

Marine Life in Singapore and the Impact of Man - N. Sivasothi 27 Aug 2011 from sgbeachbum and News from International Coastal Cleanup Singapore

What makes a dive special?
from Compressed air junkie

Protists in Singapore - New Website!
from The Biology Refugia

Fishy day at Tanah Merah
from wonderful creation

Meter-long batfish at Pulau Hantu
from Pulau Hantu and Football sized Reef Cuttlefish

Oil-slicked East Coast: morays and more!
from wild shores of singapore

The function of colourful facial bands in mangrove crab (Perisesarma) communication from Raffles Museum News

Big damage in Papua New Guinea: new film documents how industrial logging destroys lives from news